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How do you know who to trust?

Have you gotten ‘taken’, bad advice, or totally outrageous proposals?  Publishing and marketing is a complicated process (getting even more complicated by the competition and new ways to publish) and you might benefit from a clarity phone call with me.  Lets talk and see if I can help you make sense of this crazy, exciting, book world.  I know the market, the publishing and the promotion pieces.

In the past couple of years I’ve parlayed being a bestselling author into being a TEDx speaker to appearing in the film, “Wisdom From Thought Leaders,” alongside The Dalai Lama, Sting and Jim Carrey and have shown others how to do it. Clients have gotten agents, multiple #1 bestsellers, joined the TEDx ranks and still have time to garden.

I’ve also nailed online marketing, have a team that can do your marketing for you and quite frankly – you can hand the whole thing off to me. (Besides being a Doctor of Divinity I also took 3 businesses above 7 figures prior to becoming an author. We don’t mess around.) We’ll get you exposure and impact. I love creating results, so this is for people who are ready for that. We use new ideas to get you seen so you must be open to that. You also need to have some history of success in the past. It doesn’t mean that needs to have happened as an author (as we all know there lots of things that people sell to authors that don’t work). I will tell you the truth. The untruths of the publishing industry aren’t safe with me.  Bottom line… if you’re ready to be heard by the masses, get on stage and really get your message out there, I’d love to hear more about what you need.

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