[spp-tweet tweet=”Human Design coach Evelyn Levenson talks to host Michelle Vandepas about how to use Human Design for your success and abundance. “] Evelyn explains Outer Authority and Inner Authority and how we’ve been conditioned throughout our lives. This conditioning has caused us difficulty in trusting our inner sense of what feels good. Evelyn teaches us how to override that Outer Authority so we can be more aligned to our natural abundance. 

In this interview, Evelyn briefly discusses the Human Design Types (Manifestor, Generator/Manifesting Generator, Projector, Reflector) and shares ways for each type to make decisions with confidence. Through Human Design, you have the ability to access your own truth, which is crucial for living in alignment with your Human Design Type.  In order to access this truth, you must constantly “check in” with yourself and make minor course corrections along the way. You can do this by asking yourself a question like “Does this feel correct for me right now?” 

Listen in to find out about success, love, abundance.

For your free Human Design chart and more information about Evelyn Levenson, you can visit her website Human Design for Success  (http://humandesignforsuccess.com/).