Is Writing a Book on Your Bucket List?

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This 30 minute video class takes you through the overview of writing, publishing and marketing your book; taught by publisher and author Michelle Vandepas.

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With some laser coaching and tweaking from Michelle Vandepas, I was able to greatly improve the ranking of my Amazon book from being in the thousands to double digits in just a few days!

Michelle provided feedback on the cover, copy formatting and all the book and author details that Amazon has available to help to get books to best seller status. 

This book for me was a bit of an experiment to learn the Amazon process as well as create a cool handout/giveaway for my coaching business; I first published it in 2015, but the cool thing is you can always update, refresh and relaunch your book on Amazon relatively easily.

The first version took me just two days to write and submit for publishing! Literally over a weekend I had “author” status – how cool is that??

– TINA R. 

Bestselling Author