Business Readings


Do you wonder:

Why are you here right now and what is next for you?

How to get from ‘here to there’?

What it means to make a living and serve the planet at the same time?

How to be the most authentically creative person you can be?

I invite to you a 90 minute personal intuitive guided business purpose reading.
These readings combine 20 years of my business coaching with start up service oriented entrepreneurs, with my own
galactic energy and purposeful guidance. If you know you are here on Earth for a Mission, but you aren’t getting the reach and results you need, then I can share with you exactly what needs to shift. I’ve worked with all sorts of light-workers, energy beings and channels who need the specific and grounded business advice I give.  If you are ready to get started with a reading please book your 90 minute session now. Price 750.00 for 90 minutes. Recorded.