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You are amazing Michelle!! The juices are flowing passionately tonight, as I stir the embers within for my next steps. I thank you… from the bottom of my Soul…. for your generous input, astute listening, and your creative ideas! You are brilliant, and I know I’ll be executing our conversation quickly. The river is running through me tonight. I’m deeply grateful for how masterfully you guided me. Thank you!!


People like you don’t come along everyday, Michelle. I can only conclude that Divine Intervention was at work in allowing me to find you. Thank you for all you’ve done and for your on-going support. You truly want all of us to succeed!


I feel as though at last my soul voice is being heard and that makes such a profound difference. So I am deeply grateful as I felt guided to seek you out and now I know why! I feel now as though I am on my path and whatever happens, I am sharing and speaking from my heart, expressing that truth is life changing.


Michelle looks at purpose differently than anyone else I know. When she first introduced the idea that purpose is already within us and we don’t have to chase it it’s like something opened up inside me and I knew this was true. Since that time I’ve interviewed her several times for the radio and it was always enjoyed her insights.”
Doug Foresta