[Tweet “Michelle’s guest, Peg Rose, shares her shocking story of dark energy and how it was cleared”] Peg has lived in three different houses with weird energy in the last thirty-five+ years, including an ancient curse and one connected to murder and malevolent spirits. Out of necessity she learned how, and now specializes in, cleansing homes and properties.

Peg is a licensed Human Design Facilitator for Abundance by Design and Healing by Human Design, Level 3. Her areas of emphasis are healing traumas from sexual, physical and emotional abuse, being a midwife to the creativity of the Divine Feminine, and creating Divine Partnership through collaboration with the Divine Masculine.

Listen in as she talks with Michelle about some of the energy clearing experiences she has encountered. She clears houses and people over all kinds of abuse and dark forces.  But she is also a Human Design practitioner, where she uses much more of a light energy.  Peg loves that Human Design is a way to clear deeper issues in a very gentle and serene way. She believes that Human Design shows us our greatest potential.

For more information about Peg Rose, you can visit her website http://www.pegrose.net. And for your FREE Human Design chart, click here.