Key Elements

We’re going to show you…
How Purpose and Profit intersect
in your business

and personal life.


We’ll help you discover…
How your Marketing Archetype
supports you

and connects you to others.

Target Audience

We’ll walk you through…
How to build a quality business
prospect list

and track results.


And, finally you’ll know…
How to pull it all together
and market

to clients who need you.

It’s time to just bust that myth.

Yes, you can do what you love and the money will follow… But let’s bust this myth where it gets us tripped up and not seeing those returns. Because we all know what it’s like to follow our dreams, when opportunity has knocked, and ridden off into the sunset pursuing what we loved- but the money didn’t follow.

Many of us have bought into the belief that all we have to do is follow our passions and everything will work out, but we missed some of the road signs and turns our passions were nudging us to take… the ones offering support and guidance for us, on streets named Strategy Lane and Plan Place. We were missing the strategy and plan piece.

What does work is to align with all your goals, desires, dreams, and the reality of what is… and sure, live in that fairy dust thinking if that’s what you love, but do it with a plan. Fairy dust thinking… it’s part of the magic, part of that success recipe, but don’t leave out the other ingredients.

What I know for sure is that passion has to be melded with your archetype, your strategy, your purpose, and your life balance- before you start creating the life and business you really want (and deserve).

It’s worked for me for years. I started my first business in my 20’s and got loads of great advice (some really bad stuff too, but let’s not go there), and part of the wisdom was to toot my own horn. I just needed to learn what that meant for me.

Over the years I created my own system, blending Marketing Archetypes, Purpose Clarity and a System for business to help me stay on track while having a busy family and an active social life.

This works.

You’ve heard the saying, “luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” Let’s get the preparation piece taken care of. You need a step-by-step guide to help you align your purpose your passion, and your profit so they can work together! And it can be really easy.

Let’s do this.

Big Hugs, Michelle

It’s time to live your purpose,

align with your passions,

and do what you came here to do.


Purpose & Passion

So… What is Purpose?

You are born with it. It’s already inside you-  it’s not something to search for. You are already living it.
It’s your job to become more aware and conscious of your purpose.

Marketing Archetypes

So…Are you an introvert? Extrovert?

Using Your Archetype in Marketing will help you learn to be comfortable with yourself, marketing and selling!

Michelle took a rough little idea and a desire I had in my heart and blended that idea with the passion that is me and crafted a plan so that my message has had such an impact that is balanced, profitable and satisfying. Michelle helps you break-through the possibilities!

Karen Parker

When we needed help approaching social media marketing, we jumped at the chance to work with Michelle. Michelle is very responsive, big hearted, and was totally there for us in a very intensive way. I totally recommend and feel deeply grateful for her presence.

Mark Silver

Michelle is an expert you want on your side. My business has more than doubled in the last year thanks to Michelle’s inventive ideas and help.

Julie Paler

Michelle has helped me create more ease in my life and business. Michelle and her approach are truly one of a kind and she has my highest recommendation.

Doug Foresta

The thing that I am clear on is that there is something I am created to do that no one else in the world was created to do and I truly remember that when I’m working with Michelle, She is the portal for me to do that. When you work with Michelle you have a partner in completing what your life’s work is. She was able to analyze where my marketing efforts should be spent in a way that is opening up huge results for me. Her insights were some of the most helpful I’ve experienced in my business. And, they helped me eliminate loads of things that were wasting time – which is priceless. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Lindsay Wilson

Mindvalley Trainer and Sales Guru

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(p.s. Go live in Purpose.)

(p.s. Go live in Purpose.)