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Does Hearing the Word “Marketing” Exhaust You?

Do You Wish You Knew Exactly What To Do To Get The Most Effective Results?

What if there were a simple way to know what to do for your specific business?

45525_441205252612213_1685912640_n“Before I worked with Michelle I felt like there were a million things I had to do to market my business, and frankly it was overwhelming.
In my first session with her I felt totally transformed. Not only did I have a clear understanding of how to market I felt totally free and seen.Now I can integrate myself and my marketing and that feels so good!”


Imagine spending 15 minutes a day marketing ~ and what if it were even pleasurable? – Like connecting with your best friend or reading a great book? You could let go of all the things you have been told you “should” do that have never brought in clients or sales. (How would it feel to let go of unproductive blogs, Tweets, JVs…how many hours a year would that save you?) And you could measurably count the increase in income, influence and simplicity added to your life.

Lindsay Wilson“Michelle is a genius! She was able to analyze where my marketing efforts should be spent in a way that is opening up huge results for me. Her insights were some of the most helpful I’ve experienced in my business. And, they helped me eliminate loads of things that were wasting time – which is priceless.”

Lindsay Wilson LindsayTheCoach.com

I have a secret. In my work with over 2000 entrepreneurs, authors and coaches I’ve discovered that there’s a specific map that will get you out of your marketing hell. Not only does it eliminate all the stuff that will actually never get you results, it also shows you the direct path to what you should be doing that will work. There is no one-size-fits-all for marketing. And this program always gets results!

417220_385361424868528_156122458_n (1)Michelle honed in on my marketing brilliance. For the first time in 6 years, marketing no longer feels like an immovable boulder weighing me down. It’s focused laser precious marketing genius that lays out the blueprint.


I’ve decided to open up a limited number of spots to provide this service as I am really moved by the results it’s getting people. (It’s something I’ve usually reserved for my private coaching clients.) Here’s what we’ll do to get you into your marketing genius:

  • Your written assessment (you’ll complete it so I can be prepared for our first call)
  • A consulting call (approx. 60 minutes) to figure out exactly where your marketing genius is ~ what you should be doing to get the most results – and I’ll show you all the stuff  you don’t need to do
  • 2 follow-up sessions (60 min) – Based on my 25 years of guiding people in their marketing, I will guide you into implementation.
  • email support (3x’s/wk for 3 wks)


Live Event

Receive a Free Ticket to hear me featured LIVE with other Wealthy, Healthy & Wise Summit experts (value $497)

Ready to learn what will give you the fastest results?


Let’s be honest. How many hours do you spend doing – or thinking about – marketing each week? How much is an hour of your time worth? Multiply that by 52 weeks and compare that number to the cost to solve your problems here. It’s a no brainer. And you should be doing the work that you really want to be doing, rather than marketing, right?

I can’t wait to help you!

Lets get started, only $947.00
I’ll be in touch after your payment.