[Tweet “Michelle Vandepas is in the guest seat with Michelle Atlas, of Trust Change: Coaching and Training to Ignite the Resilient Spirit”]. Michelle Atlas helps creative, spirit-centered women who are struggling in their relationship with money, pinpoint what’s holding them back, so they can own their true worth and become who they really are in their businesses and lives.Michelle Atlas put together the Real Money Story Telesummit, which focuses on why so many gifted female entrepreneurs are broke and the best kept secrets to soul-fulfilling wealth.

Michelle Vandepas is one of fourteen experts that has been interviewed for this ground-breaking event. She speaks with Michelle Vandepas on the real connection between purpose and profit. Michelle first talks about the Law of Attraction, which is a spiritual, esoteric law (what you think, your intention, your belief) that helps attract what you want next or what you hope to achieve. She then adds in the 3rd dimensional (what you can actually touch and feel, the visual of what we actually see without using our intuition) concept of Money. When you have them both, then you are on your way to having both Purpose and Profit.

What you don’t want to miss, is Michelle Vandepas sharing her thoughts on women entrepreneurs and how their unique way of nurturing and expression is in juxtaposition to the more harsh, male energy of money. Michelle believes that female entrepreneurs need to embrace that side of themselves and not be afraid of asking for money when it’s appropriate and not being timid about their own value.

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