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Is your marketing working?

You Have a Big Mission Statement, Need a

Bigger Impact and more Visibility.

How do you get there?

 Your brand and your message and your marketing should all work together in alignment with your purpose and your vision.

Your voice is needed now more than ever. 

If you’ve been struggling or followed all the rules and haven’t gotten the traction you were hoping for, then this is for you. Together we will uncover your Superpowers,  align with your Purpose and bring your dreams and intentions into intentional action that brings results. We will dive deep into everything you’ve done, and your ideas and look at what works today, in this market, in alignment with your skills and goals.

In this intuitive consultation and assessment we will dive into:

  • Your company branding
  • Personal branding (and why that is important)
  • Your offers
  • Your pricing and your profit models
  • Marketing, Sales Copy, Social Media and Messaging
  • Your clients
  • Leads and retention
  • Any Q & A

You’ll leave with clarity,  more precise marketing, and branding,  an overview of where to go from here:  You’ll also get the recording and a transcript for future reference and a step by step marketing and business plan.  People love working with me as I usually save thousands in wasted time, money and energy and find exactly what you need to connect with your potential clients.

The session includes:

  • 2 hours on video conference with Michelle
  • Recording of our time together for your future reference
  • Customized step by step plan and assessment emailed to you within a week.
  • Follow up session in 30 days. (1 hour session)

Schedule Your Assessment Session

(If you decide to continue to work with me, a portion of session investment will be applied to any future package. )

Investment: $1900




Big Hugs


p.s. not ready for a formal work session?  Reach out on my contact form and we’ll chat first about what you need.

What Others Say:


Just got off the phone with Michelle and she gave me a way to stay in archetype and really make pinterest work for me. I'm actually really excited to get back to marketing now because I get to do what I want to do and what I love and market at the same time. How cool is that???


Anne Flint

Michelle, thank you for taking the time to meet with me and your very good advice. I was fascinated by how quickly you could pin down my issues and focus me toward some simple things I could do to help myself. I realize this is your job and you have a great deal of experience at doing so. Nevertheless, you were great

Anne Flint

Martine Rudee

Working with Michelle is a real treat. There's the fact that she's so confident and well versed in her field. She's a strong business woman which allows me to immediately relax, know I am in great hands, and can exhale. Then there's the beautiful blend of her intuitive skills that make me feel seen and nourished and connected to my purpose. I feel empowered and really excited about the journey...not lost in the details because she's taking care of all of that. She's a game changer and I highly recommend working with her!

Martine Rudee

Julie Paler

Michelle Vandepas is a Marketing & Website Genius. Without question, Michelle is an expert you want on your side. Her cutting edge ideas are like adding an ATM machine to your website. My business has more than doubled in the last year thanks to Michelle's inventive ideas and help. Through working with Michelle, I am now able to reach and help more people. I am looking forward to continued growth in the future.
Thank you Michelle Vandepas!

Julie Paler

Tamara Brody

“Michelle is a creative, dynamic woman who wants to help others claim their life's purpose. As an entrepeneur, writer, mother, filmmaker, author, and friend, she is always looking for ways to bring light into the lives of others. Her gentle wisdom and curiousity and desire for lifelong learning for herself combine to make her a gentle guide along life's winding path.

Tamara Brody