Is your marketing working?

You Have a Big Mission Statement, Need a

Bigger Impact and more Visibility.

How do you get there?

 Your brand and your message and your marketing should all work together in alignment with your purpose and your vision.

Your voice is needed now more than ever. 

If you’ve been struggling or followed all the rules and haven’t gotten the traction you were hoping for, then this is for you. Together we will uncover your Superpowers,  align with your Purpose and bring your dreams and intentions into intentional action that brings results. We will dive deep into everything you’ve done, and your ideas and look at what works today, in this market, in alignment with your skills and goals.

In this intuitive consultation and assessment we will dive into:

  • Your company branding
  • Personal branding (and why that is important)
  • Your offers
  • Your pricing and your profit models
  • Marketing, Sales Copy, Social Media and Messaging
  • Your clients
  • Leads and retention
  • Any Q & A

You’ll leave with clarity,  more precise marketing, and branding,  an overview of where to go from here:  You’ll also get the recording and a transcript for future reference and a step by step marketing and business plan.  People love working with me as I usually save thousands in wasted time, money and energy and find exactly what you need to connect with your potential clients.

The session includes:

  • 2 hours on video conference with Michelle
  • Recording of our time together for your future reference
  • Customized step by step plan and assessment emailed to you within a week.
  • Follow up session in 30 days. (1 hour session)

Schedule Your Assessment Session

(If you decide to continue to work with me, a portion of session investment will be applied to any future package. )

Investment: $1900




Big Hugs


p.s. not ready for a formal work session?  Reach out on my contact form and we’ll chat first about what you need.

What Others Say:

Christine Vazquez

Thank you for such a rich session to begin our day today. I found your facilitation skills expert and was particularly impressed with your restraint when called for. I hope to have the opportunity to work together again.

Christine Vazquez

Wendy Burt

Michelle was the keynote speaker at Author Fest of the Rockies 2009. She was dynamic, entertaining and informative all at the same time. The crowd appreciated Michelle's humor (as did I) and she did a great job of keeping everyone's attention by staying animated.

Wendy Burt

Leila Reyes

Michelle is a captivating and engaging speaker. Her presentations are relevant and provide value to the individual and the group. Her story-telling is fabulous and she keeps my attention. Both heartwarming and professional, Michelle is a perfect choice to deliver a powerful message that evokes action from the listener.

Leila Reyes

Doug Stevenson

I have known Michelle for 20 years. She is a creativity conduit and an expert at social networking and internet marketing. Michelle is never content to rest on past accomplishments. She is an excellent keynote speaker and seminar leader. When I am with her, I feel that I am in the presence of someone who is so grounded and solid that she helps me find my center. Talk to her and you'll know what I mean. She's good people. I highly recommend her.

Doug Stevenson
Story Telling in Business

Natalie Johnson

I am writing this letter on behalf of Michelle Vandepas, our keynote speaker for the 2009 Author Fest of the Rockies event in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The Author Fest committee specifically selected Ms. Vandepas because she is knowledgeable, reliable, organized, efficient and collaborative. She did not let us down. In fact, based on the feedback from the participants, I would not be surprised if the organization decides to invite her back for future events.

Natalie Johnson
Co-Chair, Author Fest of the Rockies