MV-fb-ad-doableAre you here to fulfill a mission on earth?  Does it feel like you’ve followed all the ‘rules’,  done what you’ve been told,  (maybe by marketing guru’s) but it’s not working?   Are you feeling like you aren’t being heard and that the coaches you’ve followed don’t understand your energy, the unique path you are following?

It’s not your fault.

You came here to change the world…make it a better place…And true Global Change Agents aren’t like everyone else. You’re here to be different because the world needs something different….Doing things like everyone else doesn’t work for you, so stop trying.  For you to fulfill your mission, to do what you came here to do, you need support, information and coaching from someone who really gets “it”… someone who knows why you are really here.

There’s hope for you.

My name is Michelle Vandepas. Over the years I’ve worked with it all.  ET’s Walk-ins Soul transfers, light workers hiding out in 3d costumes and business people and mom’s who want to live their purpose here on earth.  People say that I’m one of the most grounded spiritual people they know. I’ve done a Tedx talk, written best-selling books, owned several million dollar spiritual businesses. I know how to make life in the third dimension work.

My mission is to help you with your mission. I’ve learned through hard experience that if I’m not fulfilling my mission, my soul feels like it’s dying.

I totally get that you’re hard-wired differently than most people and that you’re here to do something important. I want to help you increase you impact and do what you came here to do.

It’s not always easy, but you know you have to move ahead or you’ll feel like your soul will die.

Not only do you need to move ahead, you need to do it in a way that is impactful and profitable.

You deserve to be well-supported on your Earth journey.

You need help navigating the complicated and often conflicting advice.

I’m offering a unique opportunity for you to discovery exactly how you can fully activate your life purpose and mission, quadruple (or more) your reach and increase your profits, in the way that is right for you.

Because there is no one else like you on the planet…

During this one hour transformation session, you will receive an intuitive business reading, combined with the business and marketing acumen aligned with grounded earth energies (Capricorn, Manifesting Generator). Not only are you going to get top rate business strategies but you’re going to discover, using a brand-new scientific energy assessment system, how to make those strategies work perfectly for you, in the way that will help you fulfill your mission.

I will channel exactly what you you need to do, analyze your energy blueprint (and then help you implement it with some ongoing support if your spirit moves you to do so).

I invite you to sign up for your reading here.