[Tweet “Can you imagine remembering everyday of your life since age six? “]Author and coach Frank Healy has done just that.

In this episode, Michelle Vandepas speaks with Frank Healy, who has had a phenomenal memory since he was five years old. Before he turned six he had an entire year of the calendar memorized. With little effort he soon knew the entire calendar from 1752 to 2999. You ask him any date in that range and he will tell you the day of the week it occurred or will occur. He knows his local weather for the past 40 years, and thousands of other facts. He has taught memory classes, and has helped people with head injuries regain their capacities to remember, and helped people who needed to improve their skills to perform at their jobs. Frank is currently writing an autobiography on how he memorizes everything.

Tune in with Michelle Vandepas as she and Frank discuss tips for remembering things, like placing objects in familiar rooms to remind you to remember.  Frank says that people remember memories that have a high emotional impact. However, a lot of people think they forgot something, but really, they never remembered it in the first place. Frank talks about how remembering is a mindfulness practice. In fact, two people can be mindful of different things while having the same experience.  It’s about what you’re focused on.



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You can also visit http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Guide-Healing-Your-Past-ebook/dp/B018LB6M92 for your own copy of Frank’s latest book(s).