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The Love!  It makes my heart sing to share my gifts so others can share theirs.

I'm just so happy to find out that there are simpler ways to make funnels than I had been taught. And your specific suggestions seem so manageable and doable for me. You just have a remarkable way of finding solutions that work for me and my fussy personality.

Gina Grant

Michelle looks at purpose differently than anyone else I know. When she first introduced the idea that purpose is already within us and we don't have to chase it it's like something opened up inside me and I knew this was true. Since that time I've interviewed her several times for the radio and it was always enjoyed her insights. Doug Foresta website

Doug Foresta

I feel as though at last my soul voice is being heard and that makes such a profound difference. So I am deeply grateful as I felt guided to seek you out and now I know why! I feel now as though I am on my path and whatever happens, I am sharing and speaking from my heart, expressing that truth is life changing.


From the moment we exchanged words (on FB), then actually met... you have been a plentiful source of inspiration.You took a rough ashlar, in me, and made it useful for a foundation able to support a lifetime of good & positive works. I am forever indebted to you. You are amazing at what you do. Bobbie Brooks

Bobbie Brooks

What a great gift Michelle has! When I came to Michelle with questions on my message to reach a larger audience, she quickly identified what my blocks were in my message, helped me to create more with clarity and motivated me to step into reaching that larger audience. Without her insights, I would still be blocked and struggling. Now I am motivated and energized to get my message out there. Thank you, Michelle!

Denise Hansard, Life Architect

During my first meeting with Michelle, she opened my eyes to the business and marketing world that turned my head. As a holistic practitioner and entrepreneur, she was able to understand my business quickly, singled out areas that needed attention, and helped to shift my thinking to a more global business perspective. Her good common business sense, combined with intuition and passion, is the formula for creating winners, and creating an abundant practice. Amazingly as our first session was, I look forward to continue partnership. Elizabeth Foley, Ph.D. CEO, NE Institute for Holistic Studies

Elizabeth Foley

You are amazing Michelle!! The juices are flowing passionately tonight, as I stir the embers within for my next steps. I thank you... from the bottom of my Soul.... for your generous input, astute listening, and your creative ideas! You are brilliant, and I know I'll be executing our conversation quickly. The river is running through me tonight. I'm deeply grateful for how masterfully you guided me. Thank you!!

Lori Santo

Michelle has a way of teaching that feels very approachable and open. Clients feel comfortable knowing that what they share will stay with you. Michelle comes from a safe & non-judgmental place.

July Helm Wright

In a single coaching session, Michelle gave me a concrete game plan for maximizing my business opportunity. When opportunity knocks don't answer the door alone- have Michelle at your side!

Deborah Grayson Riegel

You gave me the vision that what I dreamed for my business was not only feasible but doable. I was afraid my dream was too big considering my age. You convinced me otherwise...thank you.

Gwen Fox

Michelle has helped me create more ease in my life and business" Michelle and her approach are truly one of a kind and she has my highest recommendation.

Doug Foresta

Michelle is an expert you want on your side. My business has more than doubled in the last year thanks to Michelle's inventive ideas and help.

Julie Paler

When we needed help approaching social media marketing, we jumped at the chance to work with Michelle. Michelle is very responsive, big hearted, and was totally there for us in a very intensive way. I totally recommend and feel deeply grateful for her presence.

Mark Silver

Michelle took a rough little idea and a desire I had in my heart and blended that idea with the passion that is me and crafted a plan so that my message has had such an impact that is balanced, profitable and satisfying. Michelle helps you break-through the possibilities!

Karen Parker

"The thing that I am clear on is that there is something I am created to do that no one else in the world was created to do and I truly remember that when I’m working with Michelle, She is the portal for me to do that. When you work with Michelle you have a partner in completing what your life’s work is. She was able to analyze where my marketing efforts should be spent in a way that is opening up huge results for me. Her insights were some of the most helpful I've experienced in my business. And, they helped me eliminate loads of things that were wasting time - which is priceless. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Lindsay Wilson

What I loved about working with Michelle is how clear and focused she was, which helped me be more clear. She gave me simple, specific action steps to take to help me reach my goals, which not only was I able to follow but worked!

Michele PW

The best thing about working with Michelle is her extensive knowledge of licensing strategy, and her commitment to helping me find the right approach for me and my goals. I was reluctant to work with Michelle at first because I didn’t think I was quite ready to license and certify my work. But Michelle was able to show me that I was, in fact, ready and within an hour had helped me map out a plan to start licensing my work right away (with a longer term plan laid out that I could grow into). I’d recommend Michelle to any consultant or expert who is considering adding a licensing income stream to their business or wants to explore how to scale their intellectual property in a smart way.

Shawn Driscoll

Just working through your best seller course, so concise easy and well paced! Very helpful and a great investment.
Thanks so much,

Susan Putman

Part of Michelle's amazing brilliance is she comes to the table without judgment and is a visionary that thinks out of the box. She delivers easy implementable steps to get your business to the next highest level. Her intuition guiding people to fly their freak flag is right on by giving you solid ideas that you can implement right now for your business to attract your Divine Audience no matter your budget!

Pamela Kelly

I knew a great opportunity when I saw one: a global client of mine wanted me to license my communication skills training programs for them. I also knew that, without the right information, direction and support, I wouldn't know how to best take advantage of this opportunity. That's when Michelle stepped in: In a single coaching session, she gave me a concrete game plan for maximizing this business opportunity -- and the confidence to ask for what I was worth. When opportunity comes knocking, don't answer the door alone. Have Michelle at your side!

Deborah Grayson Riegel

You have a way of teaching that feels very approachable and open. Clients can feel comfortable knowing that what they share with you will stay with you unless they give permission to share. You come from a safe and non-judgmental place.

Judy Helm Wright "Pet Grief Coach"

The best thing about working with Michelle was her dedication to her clients, her amazing staff, she follow through with what she tells you she will do, she’s on time, keeps you focused, you feel she wants you to succeed, she is more than a “coach”, she takes pride in your growth. I was reluctant to work with Michelle I did not want to spend more monies on coaching and not getting the results I had hoped for. The results I got from working with Michelle were my book hit #3 on Amazon, radio interviews, amazing web page, great video’s, knowledge in SEO and other marketing issues I did not know anything about before. I’d recommend Michelle for anyone wanting to grow their business.

Anita Telle

You helped me increase my earnings 100 fold in just a week! What a treasure you are!!!!

Gail Black

Michelle Vandepas 1:25pm Dec 4

Was watching your Ted Talk video in my office today and wanted to write you as I found it to be quite amazing. I have been watching numerous videos of the different TED speakers and the different tones have a range of emotions (with the majority being boring.) However, I was struck on how you balanced engagement and message while bringing such historical figures and personal identification into the mix. Perhaps the message was my most awe inspiring moment as I use a little more slowing down and I worry too much that it will mess something up if I don't hurry (living in LA with do that to you.) Your reasoning really made sense.

Anyway, potentially I will be doing a Ted Talk next year (am just waiting for the official noticed as I got the unofficial green light last week) and I hope I can do it as half as good as yours. If people didn't take something away from your message they were drunk, sleeping or had their iPod cranked up too high to hear you.

Just wanted to send my compliments. I am sure you have many people weighing in on your positive talk as well.


My heart is so full. You are a deep, insightful, clear channel of coaching brilliance!! Thank you!

Wendy Silvers

Thank you, Thank You Michelle Vandepas for all your insight. I am energized to make these tweaks and share my extraordinary results with you. Plus, I can't wait to work with you again in the future. Absolutely brilliant.

Kristi R

You...are.....a....Godsend. More to say soon. What a transformative day. A beginning. Our conversation felt like you pulled me out of quick sand - Thank you, Michelle. You have such a givers heart.

Diane P

"Michelle listened to my ideas and opened new doors of thought for me to step through. She is an amazing lady with the talent and coaching skills to help you realize your dreams!" Byron R.

Byron R

THANK YOU Michelle Vandepas, the things that are FLYING into my life after my VIP session with you make me slack jawed and JAZZED!! Thank you for helping me get super clear on what I can and cannot do…. The opportunities before me are amazing, thank you for your wisdom, expertise and attention as I shared my vision with you! I am SO grateful!


Michelle Vandepas, just had to tell ya, you are awesome!!! In fact, you should write a book or host a show entitled, "The Artist Whisperer". Keep being you!


First, I would consider myself an "accidental entrepreneur", having a disability that has pushed traditional employment out of the question for the last twenty years. Throughout my working life, I had developed multiple career paths, but still I had no clarity around the most profitable course of action to follow, nor how to market the multiplicity of services I am capable of offering. Another problem was the fact that many of my income streams had dried up to only occasional drops in the proverbial bucket.

She was able to meet me right where I was and develop an actionable plan, taking into consideration my strengths and weaknesses. I am at the beginning of my learning curve with a new way of marketing my existing offerings. She identified certain unique skillsets I can leverage in order to increase my professional activity (and thereby meet the financial goals I have set). I am looking forward to the gains that are surely coming my way. I would recommend that anyone with a situation that in any way resembles mine talk to Michelle. I'm glad I did.

Andy M

Michelle Vandepas was presenter at the 2013 Matriarch Gathering "Power to Empower" Conference October 4th and 5th near Chimney Rock Colorado. As both an founder and attendee of The Matriarch Gathering I was very impressed with Michelle's professionalism & heart. She has a genuine desire to help others to achieve financial balance in order to increase their prosperity in a way that best resonates with them. Her talk on Conscious Livelihood offered tools for success in a very strait forward way that promotes one to use their own gifts and talents as a means by which anyone can create prosperity with integrity. More than a presenter just there to get the job done; Michelle reflected her self as a genuine human being, with a wonderful laugh, great attitude an authentic spirit of serving others. We hope to have her as a presenter again in the future and are grateful for her willingness to share her gifts with our community.

Matriarch Gathering

After working with Michelle for one hour she quickly identified several branding mistakes that were preventing me from expanding to my potential. Hey, when a professional such as Michelle gives you good advice, you don't quibble. You make the changes and and say Thank You! Thank you Michelle.

Tracee Sioux

Law of Attraction Coach

I had the car, and I sat in the drivers seat, even had my key in the ignition, but I did not know how to turn it on, you are the energy that gave me the insight to turn the key! Thank you again and again.

Suzanne P

You delivered a plan that was feasible, a plan I could actually do. I also got more….You gave me the vision that what I dreamed for my business was not only feasible but doable. I was afraid my dream was too big considering my age. You convinced me otherwise…thank you.

Gwen Fox


I felt the latest technical challenge with my website was a huge monster bear. It was so intimidating I avoided handling it for months. Enter marketing coach and genius, Michelle Vandepas. Within 24 hours - MONSTER HANDLED. DONE. NO BEAR SPRAY REQUIRED. Much gratitude, Michelle. You support and manage the part of my brain that needs to stay focused elsewhere.

Molly Lord

"I had a brilliant business idea but no idea how to make it come to life. Michelle took everything that felt confusing and made it clear during our VIP Day. I now have a clear system to make profit. Thank you, Michelle!"

Cindy Mendenhall


"Genius is not a strong enough word to describe what she has done for me. 2 #1 Best Sellers on Amazon and a killer personal website that allows me to blog (of course) but it also creates sales!!! You go girl."

Clay Stevens


Just got off the phone with Michelle and she gave me a way to stay in archetype and really make pinterest work for me. I'm actually really excited to get back to marketing now because I get to do what I want to do and what I love and market at the same time. How cool is that???



While adjusting my business approach with the amazing support of marketing goddess, Michelle Vandepas, I’m not sure which I’d vote as being more powerful … our looking at the areas of my marketing that were obviously ineffective and being coached on what new direction to take… OR the part where I've had to look squarely at “what I was pretending not to know” wasn't working. (I haven’t told Michelle about the latter discovery yet. Guess I just did:) Working with this master of marketing has been eye opening and great kick in the butt! Ouch. (thanks. I needed that)

Molly Lord

Michelle Vandepas is a Marketing & Website Genius. Without question, Michelle is an expert you want on your side. Her cutting edge ideas are like adding an ATM machine to your website. My business has more than doubled in the last year thanks to Michelle's inventive ideas and help. Through working with Michelle, I am now able to reach and help more people. I am looking forward to continued growth in the future.
Thank you Michelle Vandepas!

Julie Paler


Working with Michelle is a real treat. There's the fact that she's so confident and well versed in her field. She's a strong business woman which allows me to immediately relax, know I am in great hands, and can exhale. Then there's the beautiful blend of her intuitive skills that make me feel seen and nourished and connected to my purpose. I feel empowered and really excited about the journey...not lost in the details because she's taking care of all of that. She's a game changer and I highly recommend working with her!

Martine Rudee

Michelle Vandepas is a marketing genius. She helped me in just a quick 10 minute phone call today. I'm sure she can help you too.
Michelle completely enlightened me to what marketing really is- a way to reach out to your target audience. She also found the thread in all that I've done over the years that points to my marketing "ArcheType." Marketing actually sound enjoyable to me now!

Jane T

She's my coach. She just gets me and helps me get myself.

Christine Crowley


I have known Michelle for 20 years. She is a creativity conduit and an expert at social networking and internet marketing. Michelle is never content to rest on past accomplishments. She is an excellent keynote speaker and seminar leader. When I am with her, I feel that I am in the presence of someone who is so grounded and solid that she helps me find my center. Talk to her and you'll know what I mean. She's good people. I highly recommend her.

Doug Stevenson

Story Telling in Business

Michelle is a genius! She was able to analyze where my marketing efforts should be spent in a way that is opening up huge results for me. Her insights were some of the most helpful I've experienced in my business. And, they helped me eliminate loads of things that were wasting time - which is priceless.

Lindsay Wilson

Linday The Coach

Michelle has an understanding of Amazon that trumps anybody else's I know. That's why I nicknamed her the "Amazon Whisperer!" If you are selling a book online and need somebody to show you the ropes, don't walk, but run to Michelle Vandepas.

Lori Randall Stradtman


Michelle, thank you for taking the time to meet with me and your very good advice. I was fascinated by how quickly you could pin down my issues and focus me toward some simple things I could do to help myself. I realize this is your job and you have a great deal of experience at doing so. Nevertheless, you were great

Anne Flint

Michelle is about results! The information she shares and her instructive style strips away all unnecessary material and dives directly into powerful, useful tools that get results immediately. Everything she shares is current, specific and tested. Her interactive teaching approach allows you to participate in the actual application of the information she presents and see things begin to happen in real time. Michelle’s is a very innovative approach to disseminating specific criteria that is easily and quickly put to use.

Carl Bozeman

Michelle Vandepas, knowledge and insight of Amazon and associated book marketing is exemplary. We have been members of her “Tag and like teams” and have experienced the benefits that she can bring. If you are new to Amazon or an experienced author you will benefit from Michelle’s knowledge. As Amazon Best sellers and seasoned authors we highly recommend Michelle Vandepas

Cheri Lucking

The Kindle edition of Messengers in Denim, moved up to #18 on Wed. We need more people like you! It was, and will be, fun working with you! ”

Parnell Donahue

Your insight & helpfulness to work the new business of book-selling is phenomenal. I learned so much & I appreciate your guidance in this brave new world of showing the world what we’ve got to contribute. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sincerely

Damiano de Sano Iocovozzi

MSN FNP CN, The Thomas Edwin Walls Foundation

I love to write, teach and share my message of the other 3 R’s Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. But, the idea of getting my message out there to the people who need and want it, leaves me baffled. Michelle has maximized her experience and training to figure out a system that works. It really uses the community model where we all learn from one leader and then jump in and help each other. She walks the walk and talks the talk and takes us along with her. Each one of us enjoys the support and success of each other. Thanks, Michelle for the important work you do to help frustrated authors turn into rich and well-known authors.

Judy Helm Wright

aka Auntie Artichoke, the story-telling trainer

Can you be beautiful, smart, creative, a super tech, a business owner, world traveler, seminar leader, a blogger, a speaker, a radio host and TV host? AND THE FORCE AND FOUNDER OF TALKING BOOKS TV BEST SELLING BOOT CAMP? Nah. Probably not. Meet Michelle Vandepas, who is all those things.I HAVE WORKED WITH HER IN PROMOTING MY BOOKS FOR SIX YEARS. NOBODY DOES IT BETTER.

Corinne Edwards

Media Coach

When I had my first consultation with Michelle, she emphasized that although she couldn’t guarantee that moving up the Amazon ranking system would sell a lot of books, we decided to give it a shot anyway and I hired Michelle. After a few days, I watched as my ranking improved and then went to #1 in my category! I was so excited. I did sell a few books, but being #1 has opened other opportunities, including local media coverage and being asked to do a book signing at our airport book store. Thank you Michelle, I’ll use you again on my next book.

Donna Vessey

Author of Adventures of a Gala Guru

After spending thousands with someone else who just took my money and sent me a PDF, I was so happy to find you. You bring your heart and soul into the process, listened to my frustrations, and helped me get a lot of extra exposure in just a few days. Thank you Michelle for your integrity.

Richard W

I am an author as well as a psychotherapist in a busy practice. I recently wrote, “The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide: How to Heal Your Child’s Trauma and Loss,” and did not have the knowledge or adequate time to learn the world of marketing. Thankfully, I found Michelle Vandepas and her vast insight into optimization on Amazon. She has quickly implemented techniques that have boosted my ratings and visibility in the overwhelming terrain of Amazon. Thank you, Michelle!

Carol Lozier


I have known Michelle for several years now and I can honestly say that she has some very unique knowledge and insight when it comes to improving your book and author ranking on Amazon. I recently worked with Michelle and saw first hand the many benefits of following her advice. Whether you are a new or seasoned author,
Michelle can help you improve your books ranking, your author’s ranking, and ultimately your exposure and sales. She knows her stuff and I highly recommend her.

Jonathan Wells

Advanced Life Skills

Wow, what can I say but Michelle helped me to overcome my fear of website design and management. Michelle is very knowledgeable and quick on response to questions pertaining to all aspects of designing, building and executing a website. If Michelle doesn't know the answer, she immediately finds someone who does. I highly recommend Michelle as a life coach, teacher, website designer.

Pauline Koinis

Director of Organichip.com

“Michelle is a creative, dynamic woman who wants to help others claim their life's purpose. As an entrepeneur, writer, mother, filmmaker, author, and friend, she is always looking for ways to bring light into the lives of others. Her gentle wisdom and curiousity and desire for lifelong learning for herself combine to make her a gentle guide along life's winding path.

Tamara Brody

Michelle is a captivating and engaging speaker. Her presentations are relevant and provide value to the individual and the group. Her story-telling is fabulous and she keeps my attention. Both heartwarming and professional, Michelle is a perfect choice to deliver a powerful message that evokes action from the listener.

Leila Reyes


Michelle was the keynote speaker at Author Fest of the Rockies 2009. She was dynamic, entertaining and informative all at the same time. The crowd appreciated Michelle's humor (as did I) and she did a great job of keeping everyone's attention by staying animated.

Wendy Burt


Michelle has been a business consultant, mentor, and computer geek goddess for my business for the last 15 years. Besides being very knowledgeable, she is a lot of fun to work with. Michelle is gifted in breaking things down into do-able chunks and making good business concepts/theories very workable. She has my highest recommendation.

Susan Blue


Michelle Vandepas of Talking Books TV, has helped me market my book. She was very pleasant and very helpful. The help I received in getting my book on Kindle, and the video we made, are much appreciated. I will probably call on Michelle and her staff again in the near future. Thanks Michelle,

Richard Vaughn

Michelle is highly motivated and knowledgeable. .... has a no-nonsense approach to assisting one in defining their purpose; the steps necessary to meet that purpose in a clear and precise manner; no time is wasted. She has made it possible for me to identify my purpose and enhance my my web site; and, more importantly I now have the necessary tools to ‘live’ my ‘divine purpose’! I highly recommend her service. If you are looking to define your ‘divine purpose’; start up or improve your blogging; Michelle can get you there!

Gail B


I am very pleased with my interview with Michelle Vandepas. She asked intelligent and informative questions and allowed me the time to talk about my experiences with dolphins. She did a wonderful job editing our conversation so that the most important points were covered.



During the fall and winter of 2007, I participated in the Divine Purpose Unleashed support class, as well as the Divine Purpose Unveiled workshops taught by Michelle Vandepas and CK Reyes. While attending these sessions, these brilliant women helped me to get in touch with my highest visions for my life, as well as ways to bring that desire into the world. By providing various techniques to delve into the depths of my emotional and intellectual bodies, I was able to unearth various aspects of my psyche that have been key fulcrums for change and healing. The support that I received encompassed exactly what I needed for the changes that I was going through at that period of growth, and was a profound gift unlike any I have experienced to date.


I have been working with Michelle this last week to develop a blog for me. and It is up and running in less than a week. If you are thinking about doing a blog, I would highly recommend you contact Michelle Vandepas to help you develop your blog. She is patient, listens, and has helped me understand how to do the basics of adding posts, adding tags and much, much more. If you have want to move forward with your business and explore “growing your visibility with the world” via a blog, I would highly recommend Michelle Vandepas to you.

Lynn Rosiak

I have heard Michelle Vandepas interviewing well-known spiritual leaders on the radio, and was impressed at how skillfully she guided the topics of conversation, while giving her guests the freedom to talk without interruption. I’ve also been to a class facilitated by her, and was amazed at how many members praised the INDIVIDUAL guidance she had given, helping each person find passion and purpose in daily living.


People like you don’t come along everyday, Michelle. I can only conclude that Divine Intervention was at work in allowing me to find you. Thank you for all you've done and for your on-going support. You truly want all of us to succeed!


Outrageous Gardens

I was privileged to take part in Michelle’s workshop on Internet social networking for literary applications at the ’09? Author’s Fest of the Rockies. She impressed me with her lively enthusiasm, her detailed and yet to-the-point expertise, and her ability to quickly communicate her special knowledge. My time with Michelle was very well spent.


Thank you for such a rich session to begin our day today. I found your facilitation skills expert and was particularly impressed with your restraint when called for. I hope to have the opportunity to work together again.

Christine Vazquez


I started a blog on Blogger – it looked easy. it was. But when I got into it I realized it was pretty limited and I decided I was really going to go for it. I am a writer. Definitely not a techie. When I started, I thought because I could figure out how to download a file, I was an expert! And I found very quickly that I was way beyond my depth. Actually, I was drowning. Michelle threw me a life preserver. My blog is now running like a professional set it up. That’s Michelle. I think the smart to do is to decide what you are good at – and do it. Don’t try to be a technical person if you are not. Hire it out. Hire Michelle. She is inexpensive – and fast! She will not waste the hours you pay for. If you want to talk to me personally on this – contact me at miraclecor @ aol.com.



I am writing this letter on behalf of Michelle Vandepas, our keynote speaker for the 2009 Author Fest of the Rockies event in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The Author Fest committee specifically selected Ms. Vandepas because she is knowledgeable, reliable, organized, efficient and collaborative. She did not let us down. In fact, based on the feedback from the participants, I would not be surprised if the organization decides to invite her back for future events.

Natalie Johnson

Co-Chair, Author Fest of the Rockies