[Tweet “Tune in with Michelle, in this ‘Must Listen’ podcast, as the guest of Susie Ramroop, Transformation and Success Coach, whose passion is helping people (leaders, parents and just regular people) change their lives, one powerful breakthrough at a time”]. Susie asks the question: Who are you here to be?

Michelle is a Business and Marketing consultant and coach who helps clients get more platform/visibility online.  She believes that what is underneath all that is our purpose. She asks: What is your message? What do you have to give back to planet earth? What is your calling? And then works with clients to help them figure out how to bring that into their business so that they are being who they want to be in the world. Michelle teaches and practices the idea that we can all live more purpose in our business.


Listen in as Susie and Michelle discuss living your purpose and finding ways to recognize the small things that we might already be doing to live our purpose. Michelle teaches us that the way to make a big change, or a big gesture, is to start where you are in the moment. Everybody has a gift. Bring more of that gift into your life.

For more about Susie Ramroop, the interviewer, visit her website http://susieramroop.com/.

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